Pedophiles in Thailand

Gone also are the days of the easy ‘visa run’. Many Westerners used to live in Thailand illegally by doing a visa run to Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia once a month. From Bangkok, the visa run there and back only takes about 6 to 12 hours and, once back in Thailand, you were given another 30 day stay in the country. Now, the visa laws have changed, and a Westerner without a proper visa is only allowed to do three 30 day visa runs, before they are forced to leave the country and get a proper visa for Thailand. What this has done is to dissuade some pedophiles from coming here, as they do not want to have to go to a Thai embassy overseas for a visa, in case their name comes up on a list of wanted pedophiles.

 The Thai Department of Education is also clamping down on fake college degrees. It used to be you could go to Khao San Road in Bangkok and buy a fake college degree for around $6. The Department of Education didn’t check the degree when you submitted it with your work permit application, so you were immediately eligible for many more teaching jobs.

  Now, college degrees are checked and I know of at least four English teachers that have been caught and deported from Thailand when it was found their degrees were fake

Finally, the Thai police have been doing spot checks of schools all over Thailand, arriving at the school without warning and asking for Western teachers’ work permits and college degrees. When this first started, there were reports of several schools that had Western teachers desperately trying to escape out of back doors or up on the roof, hoping to evade the police until they had left the school.

Of course, some Westerners are complaining about this. It’s unfair of the Thais to mandate these new laws; it’s ridiculous to expect Westerners to comply. But for those of us who came here to teach, are qualified, and do care about the safety of Thai children, we are happy the Thai government has instituted these rules. As a Westerner, It’s embarrassing to have these awfulforeign  men in Thailand, but it’s incredibly sad to think the Thais might believe these men are good examples of average Westerners.

How embarrasingly pathetic these pedophiles are!!! I can name so many of them, those I know who have come here for young Thailand kids; to make matters all the more raunchy is that these stinking pedophiles have their own young kids back where they come from. How sick can they be?


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