Farang Teachers in Udorn Thani

Farang English teachers are a dime a dozen here in Udorn Thani. I’ve been treated badly at every school I worked at and not only me, but all the farangs are. The pay around the Issan area is around 30,000 THB for 18-27 hours a week. They don’t even provide housing assistance. The very best advice I could give you is stay far away from all the schools in Udorn Thani especially big names school like Satriratchinuthit, Udonpittayanukul and Anuban Udorn Thani. The head teachers and their crony assistants are all liars and crooks. You have Heads who don’t even know their jobs. At Satriratchinuthit School , Aj Saranya, Aj Wilawan, Aj Valapah who is also the head of a training department are an embarrassment to their profession. Farangs with less than high school credentials are hired by these Heads. These farangs can’t even speak proper English and make so many spelling mistakes when they are teaching writing to Thai students at high school level. The head of the training department can’t even speak proper English yet she is the head of a training division for all teachers in Udorn Thani. I’ve been in Udorn Thani for six years and not even once has she organized any training for any teacher in Udorn Thani. In another similar big school, my latest positing, teachers like Aj Chulaporn and Aj Bunchar are totally useless. They talk, talk and talk. Similarly, farangs whose qualifications are lower than their students are hired by Aj Chulaporn and Aj Bunchar.  What a joke these heads are and they have become a laughing stock in the community. You would be much better off going to the schools outside Udorn Thani, but prepare to get fed up with the shitty office help. Needless to say, some schools are far better than others. It’s a crap finding a good school because there isn’t any. NEVER offer to work outside your teaching hours. They will take full advantage of you and not in a good way. I hope this tidbit helps. Good luck in your job search in Udorn Thani.


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