Criticisms of Farang Teachers in Thailand

We often hear/read about how the ‘farang’ teacher has no real resect from the students at government schools, but for me I find that some of the ‘bad’ classes aren’t just bad with me as their farang teacher but they exactly as bad as their Thai teachers. Yes, we aren’t respected by the kids just the same as the Thai teachers. Thai teachers just don’t respect us, the farang teachers. One such school is Udon Pittayanukul in Udon Thani. I try to gain a little respect from the Thai teachers at the schools, but at the end of the day it’s so hard. Do you find it the same, or not? What kind of things do you have to do with the Thai teachers to try to gain that little respect from them?

My experience working in Thailand is that things are generally relaxed and fun.  If you’re not objective driven and are wiling to overlook some fairly questionable practices, you can enjoy yourself.  But if you are the result-driven type then working in Thailand could end up being awfully frustrating.  I should imagine that in more professional roles, where tolerances tend to be less and standards higher, it could be even more frustrating.

Thailand, while a fun place to work, is not necessarily where one is going to advance their skills, or their career.  It’s a great place to spend the final few years of one’s work life, a great place to work part-time and surely a fantastic place to be on a big expat package. But working here full-time in the prime of your life, hmmm, you’ve got to think seriously about it.



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